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Bender , Julia-Mia Magie 01: und Die Zirkusbande
Temples-Hot Motion
Drunken Swallows-10 Jahre Chaos
Yung Hurn-Y
Mister Me-Das Ende vom Hass
Bender , Julie-Mia Magie 02: und die verrückten Hühner
Ohrenfeindt-Halbzeit! - Lebenslänglich Rock 'n' Roll
Mir zur Feier-o. Titel
La Lugh-Senex Puer
Lasairfhiona-Flame Of Wine
Ni Dhomhnaill , Maighread & Triona-Idir An Da Sholas - Between The Two Lights (With Donal Lunny)
FKA Twigs-Magdalene (Vinyl)
Carrington , Terri Lyne-Waiting Game (With Social Science)
Sheamuis O Fatharta , Meaiti Jo-Boithrini An Lochain - Sean-Nos Songs From Connemara
Freddie & The Screamers-Time Capsule
Karajan , Herbert von & Wiener Symphoniker-Bach: St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244 (Karajan, Seefried, Ferrier, Ludwig, Edelmann)
Pestilence-Malleus Maleficarum (Vinyl)
Saxon-Innocence Is No Excuse (Vinyl)
Koletzki , Oliver-Fire In The Jungle (Vinyl)
Tindersticks-No Treasure But Hope (Limited Edition) (Crystal Clear) (Vinyl)
Cultured Pearls-Pearls of a Decade - Best of (inkl. Live CD)
Sampler-I Love Yoga (Music To Relax Your Body And Mind)
Shannon , Garry-Lose The Head (With Orfhlaith Ni Bhriain)
Byrne , Dermot & Blancke , Floriane-o. Titel
Forcioli , Philippe-Marin des Routes
Michael , George & Wham!-Last Christmas (OST) (Vinyl)
Mbande , Venancio-Timbila Ta Venancio Mbande, Mozambique (Xylophone Music From The Chopi People)
Adam , Adolphe-Le Corsaire (GA) (Bonynge, ECO)
Bach , Johann Sebastian-Kantaten ('Lass, Fürstin, lass noch einen Strahl' Trauerode, BWV 198) (Werner, Lang, Weimann, Polster, Rotzsch)
Bach , Johann Sebastian-Toccaten, BWV 910-916 (van Asperen)
Arnold , Malcolm-Concertos For Two Violins / For Clarinet / For Flute / For Horn No. 2 (London Musici, Stephenson, Sillito, Fletcher, Collins, Jones, Watkins)
Crawford Seeger , Ruth-Portrait (Knussen. Shelton, De Leeuw, Wood)
Chen , Xiaoyong & Ou , Huihong-Orchidee. Traditional Chinese Zheng And Qin Music
Leutwyler / Leutwyler / Engeli-Hymne A La Realite - Works For Voice And Instruments
Couperin , Francois-Keyboard Music 2 (Hewitt) (SACD)
Coro De Monjes Del Monasterio Benedictino De Santo Domingo De Silos-Las Mejores Obras Del Canto Gregoriano 2
Adorjan , Andras & Shinozaki , Ayako-Lyrical Melodies Of Japan
Takemitsu , Toru-Solo Piano Works (Ogano)
Corelli , Arcangelo-Sonate Da Chiesa, Op. 1&3 (London Baroque)
Corelli , Arcangelo-Sonate Da Camera, Op. 2&4 (London Baroque)
Schellenberger , Claudia-Russian Impressions - Tchaikovsky: Piano Works
Strauss , Richard-Symphony In F MInor, Op. 12 / Romanze In F Major For Violoncello And Orchestra, AV 75 (Fujiwara, Wakasugi)
Pyanook-o. Titel
Pannke , Peter & Bosshard , Andres-The Sound Of Nature - Opera Of Birds (Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary Bharatpur / India)
Bosshard , Andres & Pannke , Peter-Honeywind: Sounds From A Santal Village (India)
Jylhä , Konsta & Kaustinen Potpourri Players-Finnish Folk Dance 2
Narayan , Ram-Sarangi Solo / Masters Of Raga - Live
Bricusse , Leslie-Doctor Dolittle
Beethoven , Ludwig van-Piano Concertos 0-5 (Nagano, Kodama, DSOB)
Gardel , Carlos-Tangos (Garello, Pane, Giaimo, Plasson)
Bergonzi , Carlo-Weihnachten mit Carlo Bergonzi
Trombonefire-Different Moods
Moussay , Benjamin-Mobile
Sampler-Hommage a Chen Zhong
Faux Bijoux , Les & Droulez , Gilles-Chantent - LeoFerre
Maguire , Carl-Floriculture
Lang , Walter-Lotus Blossom
Shew , Bobby & Robert , George-Live in Switzerland
Emery , James-Transformation (Klangforum Wien, Emilio Pomarico)
Prado , Perez-Siempre en Mi Coracon
Blind Boys of Alabama , The-Atom Bomb
Orchestra Tropical Brasil-Mambo Mambo
Uriah Heep-Innocent Victim (Remastered)
Sampler-Defected In The House - Eivissa 08
Kaempfert , Bert-Orange Colored Sky
Nugent , Ted-Nugent
Sudan Archives-Athena (Limited Edition) (Bronze Marble) (Vinyl)
Brian Setzer Orchestra , The-Dig That Crazy Christmas (Limited Edition) (Red/White Splatter) (Vinyl)
Brian Setzer Orchestra , The-Boogie Woogie Christmas (Limited Edition) (Green/White Splatter) (Vinyl)
Deichkind-Niveau Weshalb Warum (Limited Deluxe Fan-Box Edition)
BulletBoys-Freak Show
Killswitch Engage-Atonement (Vinyl)
Honig , Ezekiel-Scattered Practices
Lambchop-The Decline of the Country & Western Civilization (1993 - 1999)
Laubrock , Ingrid & Noble , Liam & Rainey , Tom-Sleep Thief
Campbell , Isobel-Amorini
Bergman , Erik-Bergmaniana - Music for Male Voice Choir
Cambien , Jonas & Myhr , Adrian-Simiskina
Rohrer , Samuel-Range Of Regularity
Emika-Melanfonie (Feat. Michaela Srumova, PMO, Batson) (Vinyl)
Karijord , Rebekka-We Become Ourselves (Orange) (Vinyl)
Perera Elsewhere-All Of This (Vinyl)
Lana Trio-o. Titel (Vinyl)
Bol & Snah-So? Now? (Vinyl)
Skyggespill-Morphing Between Spaces And Phases (Vinyl)
Greiner , Svarte-Apart (Limited Edition) (Vinyl)
Spurv-Myra (Vinyl)
Camera-Phantom Of Liberty (Limited Edition) (Blue) (Vinyl)
Ballfrog-Abaft the Beam
Mix City-Transeo
Mortensen , Niles Anders-Im Freien
Damned , The-Neat Neat Neat - The Alternative Anthology
Doyle , Sir Arthur Conan-The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes III (David Timson)
TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio-Boto And The Second Liners
Camacho , Ray & The Teardrops-The Best Of
Magnetic Fields , The-The House Of Tomorrow (EP)
Whatnauts , The-Message From A Black Man (The AllPlatinum Anthology)
FullSet-Notes After Dark
Snowboy And The Latin Section-Communication
Blix , Oystein-It's Ok to Play
Hytta , Anne-Dag, Kveld, Natt
Idenstam , Gunnar-Jukkaslatar - Songs for Jukkasjärvi (SACD)
Jodlowski , Pirre-Drones / Barbarismes / Dialog - No Dialog (Sophie Cherrier, Susanna Mälkki)
OST-Bringing Out the Dead
Tidwell , Cortney-Boys
Eilertsen , Mats-Short Stories
Ensemble Reflektor & Klug , Thomas-Gewaltakt
Schola Cantorum & Nordic Voices & Dahl , Tone Bianca-Audiens
Heinonen , Ilkka-Savu
Kook-Imber Wiltshire
Low-Fly Quintet-Winter Love Song
Moran , Robert-Desert of Roses / Open Veins (Jayne West, Alexander Blanescu)
TMCA-Remember Disco
Mastretta-Musica De Automovil
El Barullo / Moraito-Plazuela (Flamenco Vivo)
Heredia , Marina-Marina
Holland , Dave & Habichuela , Pepe-Hands
Tindersticks-No Treasure But Hope (Limited Edition) (Vinyl)
Harvey , PJ-All About Eve (OST) (Vinyl)
Arditti Quartet-Ultima Arditti 1
Greiner , Svarte-Moss Garden
North Sea , The-Bloodlines
Terzakis , Dimitri-Visionen
Police , The-Reggatta de Blanc (Vinyl)
Rombola , Alessandra-Epigramas
Sjovaag , Jonas & Seglem , Karl & Hole , Sigurd-West Wind Drift
Gunnlaugs , Sunna-Long Pair Bond
Busch , Wilhelm-Max und Moritz
Chesterman , Barnaby-Famous Americans In History (Junior Classics)
Dinosaur Jr-Without A Sound
Maraca-Tremenda Rumba!
Leech Woman-Shit, Piss And Industrial Waste
Leech Woman-Uncertainty Device # 26573
Leech Woman-Three 3zero
Jazzinvaders , The-Up & Out
Houdini's , The-Unleashed And Remixed
Dornik-o. Titel
Beck-Hyperspace (Vinyl)
Ween-Chocolate And Cheese
Stagger , Leeroy-Strange Path
Hollis , Mark-o. Titel (Vinyl)
Ärzte , Die-Im Schatten der Ärzte (Vinyl)

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