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Collins , Phil-...But Seriously (Vinyl)
Foals-Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 (Vinyl)
Evora , Cesaria-Nha Sentimento
SDP-Die unendlichste Geschichte (Premium DigiPak Edition)
Chainsaw , Simon-Told Me a Lie
Workin' Stiffs-Through Thick and Thin
Nitrominds-Start Your Own Revolution
Nerf Herder-o. Titel
Real Mckenzies , The-Clash Of The Tartans
Rice , Victor-In America
Sampler-Return of the Read Menace
Ducky Boys , The-Three Chords and the Truth
Far from Finished-Living in the Fallout
Chelsea-Live & WEll
Bouncing Souls , The-Maniacal Laughter
Hostages of Ayatollah-Anthoalogy
Anthrax-We've vome for you all ( Bonus CD)
Dark at Dawn-Of Decay and Desire
Dismember-The God That Never Was
Topper-Get in the Line
Abrasive Wheels-Skum
Scheisse Minnelli-Sorry State of Affairs
Offenders , The-X
Sampler-Aggropunk 4
Run DMC-The Box Set Series
Nisse-Ciao (Vinyl)
Cinematic Orchestra , The-To Believe (Vinyl)
Lis Er Stille-The Collibro
Hidden Lands-Halcyon
Foster III , Jack & Gardner , Trent-Raptorgnosis
Dogs d'Amour , The-More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace
Iron Maiden-Killers (Enhanced CD)
Rage against the Machine-Bullet in the head (Maxi)
Fudge Wax-Turtle
Frittenbude-Rote Sonne (Vinyl)
Malibu Ken (Awsop Rock & Tabacco)-o. Titel (Vinyl)
Kapfhammer Buam-Mia san do!
Mailer , Charles M.-Live @ The Studio Lounge
Buschmann , Nora-Ritmos do Brasil
Sampler-Nightclub Jazz - A Fine Choice of Jazz Classics
Ramones-o. Titel (Superior 2016 Remastered) (Vinyl)
Rajic , Mirjana-Dances
Bilderbuch-Vernissage my Heart (Vinyl)
St. Germain-Rose Rouge (Maxi)
Prince-Musicology (Vinyl)
Prince-3121 (Vinyl)
Doyle , Roddy-Jazztime
Savages Y Suefo-Brotherhood
Williams , John-The Empire Strikes Back (Special Edition)
Jarre , Maurice & Nieto , Jose-Seville Film Music Concerts
Delerue , Georges-Thibaud the Crusader
Friedhofer , Hugo-The Young Lions / This Earth Is Mine
Korngold , Erich Wolfgang-The Constant Nymph
Klemperer , Otto-Klemperer In Los Angeles 1934-1939 - Verdi, Beethoven, Wagner, Brahms-Schoenberg, Schoenberg-Händel, Gershwin, Strang (LAPO)
Tiomkin , Dimitri & Rozsa , Miklos-Great Epic Film Scores
Bernstein , Elmer-Midas Run / The House (Mancini: The Night Visitor)
Herrmann , Bernard-The Devil And Daniel Webster / Currier And Ives / Silent Noon / For The Fallen (Sedares)
Herrmann , Bernard & NPO-Music From Great Shakespeare Films (Shostakovich: Hamlet / Rozsa: Julius Caesar / Walton: Richard III
Piatgorsky , Gregor-Dvorak & Walton Cello Concertos (Munch, BSO)
Mancini , Henry-Experiment In Terror
Young , Victor-For Whom the Bell Tolls
Elfers , Konrad-Funeral In Berlin
Schifrin , Lalo-Kelly's Heroes / The Cincinnati Kid (Double Feature)
Bernstein , Elmer-Baby The Rain Must Fall
Rosza , Miklos-Spellbound
Korngold , Erich Wolfgang-The Sea Hawk - Herr der Sieben Meere
Sampler-True Grit - Music From The Classic Films Of John Wayne
Bennett , Richard Rodney-Far From The Madding Crowd
Goldsmith , Jerry-Kanonenboot am Yangtse-Kiang
Rozsa , Miklos-All the Brothers were Valiant
Sasse , Karl-Heinz-Sachsens Glanz und Preußens Gloria 2 (The DEFA Symphony Orchestra, Rosenberg)
Sasse , Karl-Ernst-Sachsens Glanz und Preußens Gloria 1 (The DEFA Symphony Orchestra, Rosenberg)
Goldsmith , Jerry-Patton / Tora! Tora! Tora!
Goldsmith , Jerry-Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?
North , Alex-Rich Man, Poor Man
Mandel , Johnny-I Want To Live
Schifrin , Lalo-The Fox
Steiner , Max-All This, And Heaven Too / A Stolen Life
Schifrin , Lalo-A.D. Anno Domini
Rozsa , Miklos-The Man in Half Moon Street
Newman , Alfred-The Keys Of The Kingdom (Der Schlüssel zum Himmelreich)
Texas Lightning-No No Never (Maxi)
Sampler-Bääärenstark!!! 2019 - Die Erste
Moussorgsky - Ravel / Bartok-Pictures At An Exhibition / Music For Strings, Percussion And Celesta (Kubelik, CSO)
Steiner , Max-Young Man with a Horn
Young , Victor-Johnny Guitar
Waxman , Franz-Peyton Place (Talgorn, RSNO)
Waxman , Franz-Legends Of Hollywood - Franz Waxman: Volume 1
Rota , Nino-La Bisbetica Domata - The Taming Of The Shrew
Bernstein , Elmer-To Kill A Mockingbird
Chaliapin , Feodor-Opera & Song / Liturgy & Traditional - The Great Chaliapin
Sampler-Les Films Francais - Honegger: Mermoz / Francaix: Si Versailles M'Etait Conte... / Sauguet: Clochemerle / Thiriet: Les Visiteurs Du Soir (Tzipine)
Sampler-Telarc Sampler 1
Rowland , Bruce-Return To Snowy River Part II
Shoji , Yamashiro-Akira
Prodromides , Jean-Le Voyage en Ballon
Inoue , Takayuki-Panda Monogatari - The Story Of A Giant Panda
Copland , Aaron-Something Wild
Prokofiev / Shoatakovich / Eshpai-1917-1987 Revolution Series (Prokofiev: 30th Anniversary October / Shostakovich: October, Op. 132; The Young Guards / Eshpai: Lenin Is Among Us)
Tiersen , Yann-All (Vinyl)
Cicognini , Alessandro-Alessandro Cicognini Per Vittorio De Sica: 7 Suites
Jarre , Maurice-Masterworks - His Rarest Original Film Soundtracks From 1958 To 1964
Lavagnino , Francesco & Bargeris , Alberto-Orson Welles' Othello
Misraki , Paul-Musiques de Films composees par Paul Misraki
B-Tight-Aggroswing (Limited Albumedition)
Dyk , Paul van-In Between (2007) (Vinyl)
Three Drives-Carrera 2 (Maxi) (12'') (Vinyl)
Bela B.-Bingo ( Bonus Songs)
Tosh , Peter-No Nuclear War (Vinyl)
Morricone , Ennio-C'Era Una Volta Il West (Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod)
Herrmann , Bernard-Citizen Kane (RSNO, McNeely)
Soundtrack-The Ladykillers And Others (Alwyn)
Goldsmith , Jerry-Hour of the Gun
Barry , John-The Lion In Winter
Williams , John-Heidi kehrt heim
Barry , John-King Rat
Stein , Ronald-Not Of This Earth! The Film Music Of Ronald Stein
Goldsmith , Jerry-Masada
Bernstein , Elmar-Return Of The Magnificent Seven (Deluxe Edition)
Gerhardt , Charles & NPO-The Spectacular World Of Classic Film Scores
Led Zeppelin-I (Vinyl)
Led Zeppelin-III (Vinyl)
Sluijs , Ben-Particles
Blümlein , Dirk-Auf allen 7 Meeren
Blümlein , Dirk-Fernreise
Conexion Cubana-La Maravilla
Seuss , Ludwig-Live im Lustspielhaus
Bondi , Alessio-Nivuru
Sampler-8-Bit Operators: The Music Of Kraftwerk - Performed On Vintage 8-Bit Video Game Systems
Sampler-Black Coffee - Ambient Funk & Mellowmoves - Chapter 1 (Connected & Cut By Klangwirkstoff Scheibosan & eMU)
Svartsot-Maledictus Eris
Svartsot -Ravnenes Saga (Limited Edition)
Foo Fighters-Best Of You (Maxi)
Mozart , Wolfgang Amadeus-Violin Concertos Nos. 1-3 (Biondi, Europa Galante)
Schubert , Franz-Winterreise (Fassbaender, Reimann)
Poulenc , Francis-Gloria / Stabat Mater (Hendricks, Pretre)
Beethoven , Ludwig van-Piano Sonatas, Op. 10/1-3 / Pathetique, Op. 13 (Oppitz)
Beethoven , Ludwig van-Sonatas II (Kleinhapl, Woyke) (SACD)
Gilse , Jan van-Symphony No. 4 / Concert Ouverture / Funeral Music (NSO, Porcelijn)
Dietrich , Albert-Cellosonate / Klavierstücke (Will, Thomas)
Hof-Capelle Carlsruhe-Molters Miniatur-Opern & Kammermusik vom Karlsruher Hof
Haydn , Joseph-String Quartets, Op. 50 Complete (The Dream / The Frog) (Amati Quartett)
Borac , Luiza-Inspirations & Dreams - Ravel, Enescu, Debussy, Mihalovici, Schumann
Gade , Niels W.-String Octet, Op. 17 / String Quartet Movement In A Minor / Unfinished String Quartet In F Major (Chamber Works 3) (Ensemble MidtVest, Danish String)
Mena , Carlos-Under The Shadow (Disfonik Orchestra)
Mozart , Wolfgang Amadeus-Thamos, König In Ägypten (GA) (Giulini)
Oistrakh , David-Chausson: Symphonie En Si Bemol / Poeme - Saint-Saens: Introduction Et Rondo Capriccioso (Munch, BSO)
Hotter , Hans-In Memoriam - Lieder Recordings From RRG 1942/45

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