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Smetana , Bedrich-Ma Vlast - My Country
Scorpions-Wind of change (Maxi)
J'N'M-Trax-Return of the homeraver (Maxi)
Sampler-Superstition 1 & 2
Kindler , Steve-Dolphin Smiles
La Oreja de Van Gogh-Dile Al Sol
Elevate (Metal)-The architect
Sampler-Saustarke Stimmungsmacher - 3
Fliehende Stürme-Himmel Steht Still
No Exit-Aus berlin
Sampler-Hollywood Moods (UK-Import)(3CD-Box)
Glim Project-Glim Project
Dorsey , Tommy and his orchestra-The Post-War Era
Almklausi-Lo Lo Los Geht'S (Maxi)
Sepe , Daniele-Anime candide
Sampler-The sound of the movies
Segura , Javier-Levantate!
Sampler-Welcome to Europe
Ashley , Christopher-Cruel Romantics
Sampler-Cooperative Music 5 (+DVD)
Sampler-Lux Aeterna
Sampler-Synthesizer Spectacular 1
Discosluts-Let's all chant (Maxi)
EWW & E.G.I.-R-Ave Maria (Maxi)
Sampler-Ich will heim zum Ballermann
Illic , Bata-Ausgewählte Goldstücke
Sampler-The Source - Hip Hop Hits 3
Pamberi Steel Orchestra-Contemporary Moods
Big Stone And Fire-Kindred
Sampler-The Ultimate Trinidad '99
Sampler-Rituals of Trinidad Carnival
Sharlene-Groovy moods
Blue Ventures , The-Energy (UK-Import)
Sampler-Anthology of the best of rapso
Sampler-Caribbean Party Rhythms 2
Sampler-De Trini Party
Sampler-Caribbean Party Rhythms 5
Sampler-Shreds 4 - american underground 96
Sampler-Silvester Party Mix 2003
Sampler-The Feel Good Song/Memories/St (UK-Import)
Sampler-Line Dance Country
Sampler-Essential Classics Highlights
Drifters , The-Same
Sampler-Summer dance festival
Interstate-The Rainmaker (Maxi)
Sampler-The Top 100 of the 80's, Vol. 1
Sampler-The Top 100 of the 80's, Vol. 5
Bar-Kays , The-Money Talks
Gap Band-Oops Upside Your Head
Redfield Records-This Is Our Business
Puch-Selected pieces
Agent Kooper-o. Titel
Ohrrausch-Sei ein Scheich (Maxi)
Ausseer Hardbradler feat. Aminata-Weihnacht Is Neama Weit (Maxi)
Mystic Alpin-One World&Power of a Vision (Maxi)
Creme de la Creme-Bitte Hau Mich Nicht (EP)
Sampler-La Mujer en El Cante
Sampler-Relax & Dance Vol.2
Rise-Uncertain wonders
Atom-Big Bang
Bait-Velocity Atrocity
Spencer , John B.-Left Hand of Love
Gene-Sleep Well Tonight (Maxi)
James , Wendy-London's Brilliant (UK Import)
Caballé / Carreras / Domingo-Granada - La Grande Notte a Verona
Camerata Trajectina-Cantiones Natalitiae
Lencsés , Lajos-Suites Francaises
Current , Lazah-Glorious ride
Charmaine-Say You Love Me
Jones , George & Wynette , Tammy-Golden Ring (UK-Import)
Lazo-Heart & Soul
Dub Squad-Enemy? Or Friend!?
Uptones , The-The Uptones Live!! 924 Gilman (US-Import)
Global Guaranty Orchestra-Weltmeister
General Pecos-Back With a Vengeance
Thriller U-Best of Me
X-Ray-Discothek amor (Maxi)
Marque & Madden , Joni-Reaching for the Stars (Maxi)
de Pooter , Edwina-Auch wenn ich es mal bereue (Maxi)
Marque-Who You Are / In the Universe (Maxi)
Klostertaler-Skifahr'n / Auf der Heide (Maxi)
Mandaryna-Here i go again (Maxi)
J.O.B.-All fingers and thumbs (Maxi)
Marquez , Carolina-Ritmo (Maxi)
Ravel - Debussy - Bizet-Bolero - Clair de lune u.a
Beezewax-Oh Tahoe (UK-Import)
Sun Kings-Better By the Glass (UK Import) (Maxi)
Rain Band , The-Easy rider
Jeep Beat Collective-Repossessed Wildstyles
Sampler-Ruf Diamonds 2 (UK-Import)
Sampler-Rave generation - 40 hard dance hits
L.A. Style-I'm raving / O si nene (Maxi)
Double Muffled Dolphin-Who'S on Third
Migu-o. Titel (UK-Import)
Vanishing Breed-Between Arrival and Departure
Lu:d-This Is Nighttime
Brown , Dennis-The crown prince
Sampler-Top Teen Time 1 (UK-Import)
Sampler-Italo Hits 2
Alexia-Number One (Maxi)
Ziv Eitan-No Limits
Ruffa-a Diamond in the Ruff
Cookie Crew-Fade to black
Avion Travel-Selezione (UK-Import)
Sampler-Country Christmas (UK-Import)
Sampler-Moba sound - mobasound records
Beran , Philip / Netter , Maximilian-Operation Grüner Pfirsich. Auf der Suche nach dem Glück
Sampler-Ski & Snow Alpinparty
Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir-Dänische Chormusik d. 20. Jh.
Jestl , Bernhard-Capriolese
Parks , Alex-Cry (Maxi)
Mahl , Nathan-Parallel Eccentricities
Blak Twang-Kik Off
Waller , Fats-Classics 1938
Jones , Stephen-Frind (Maxi)
Whittaker , Roger-The last farewell
Sampler-I've Got My Friends (UK-Import)
Sampler-Return of American Skathic: The Midwest Strikes Back (UK-Import)
FTX-Between ghosts and shadows
Benny-Our true intent is all for your delight
Segovia , Andrés-Hall of fame
Burrell , Kenny-All night long
Ravel , Maurice-Bolero (Slowakisches Sinfonieorchester Bratislava)
Orff & Verdi-Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
Bach , Johann Sebastian-Bach
Sampler-Megamix 2004
Sampler-Der 7. Himmel von Berlin: Bewegende Liebesgeschichten aus einer bewegten Stadt
Bartsch , Kurt-Fanny Holzbein
Sampler-Country party
Bounty Killer-Jamaica's most wanted
Bowie , David-Thursday's child (Maxi)
Wookie-Back up (Maxi)
Peyrac , Nicolas-Toujours une route (Maxi)
Vero Sego-Tu Es Mon Ange (Maxi)
Sampler-Going Back In Time Hits From The 60's 2
Wookie-Battle (Maxi)
Disco Walker-Shining song (Maxi)
Freisinger , Die-Spiel ohne grenzen (Maxi)
Maas , Timo-Shifter (Maxi)
Lucid-Stay with me till dawn (Maxi)
Terra W.A.N.-Ganja party (Maxi)
Special Beat-Live in Japan (UK-Import)
Sampler-Train to Skaville Vol. 1 (UK-Import)
Pietasters , The-Oolooloo
Sampler-Skankin Round the World 5

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