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Bennato , Eugenio-Taranta Power
Dub Ghecko-Love to the Power of Each
Sampler-Inside compilation 1
Propaganda-Wishful Thinking
Cosmic Baby-Stellar Supreme (1994)
Baby Genius-o. Titel
Sampler-Introduced 100 2
Garland , Judy-Greatest Hits
Yazoo-Upstairs at Eric's
Eskobar-You Got Me (Maxi)
M.V.P.-Hip Hop Clubs Girls 1
Big Brothers-Party Is On! (Maxi)
Krimson , Pat-Las Vegas (Maxi)
Lix Ft Mila-I Lift You Up 3tr (Maxi)
Wen-Just Got Paid (Maxi)
Aphrodite-See Thru It (Maxi)
Marley , Ziggy-Live
Captain Sensible-Mad cows & english men
Thee Headcoatees-Have Love Will Travel
Thee Headcoatees-Ballad of the Insolent Pup
Kinnen , Rickie & Dürr , Calle-So real
Liberty X-Got to Have Your Love (Maxi)
Boy Hits Car-Passage
Do Me Bad Things-Time for Deliverance (Maxi)
Larraß , Patricia-Cappuccino mit Viel Schaum (Maxi)
Snailhouse-A New Tradition, 2001.
Lastelle-This Is What I Do
Harpon , Francis-Trans Man Man
Sampler-Future Chill
Holst / Elgar-The Planets / Pomp And Circumstance
Nailpin-White Lies & Butterflies (UK-Import)
Nordenstam , Stina-Get on With Your Life (Maxi)
Sparkling-Waiting for An Accident
Goleo VI & Atomic Kitten-All Together Now (Maxi)
Silicon Brothers-Knockin' (Maxi)
Six-Fick Mich Baby (Maxi)
S.W.A.T.-Eins,Zwei Polizei (Maxi)
Crazy Frog Presents-More Crazy Hits
Sneaker Pimps-Sick (Maxi)
Rob-Snake (Maxi)
J-Five-Find Away (Maxi)
Vacuum-Your Whole Life Leading Up to This (UK-Import)
Healing Authority-Satisfaction Guaranteed
Makoma , Nathalie-I'm glad I'm alive (Maxi)
Sampler-5 jahre -105 music
BPA , The-I think we're gonna needed a bigger boat
Nickel Eye-The Time of the Assassins
Alkaline Trio-From Here to Infirmary
Sampler-Holy Christmas Gospel
Bristles-No Future in the Past
Thoneick , Eddie-My Body s Burning
Powersolo-Snot Dum
Sampler-Club Fusion
Kjellvander , Christian-Drunken Hands (Maxi)
D.H.T.-Listen to Your Heart (UK-Import)
Niels Van Gogh-My Own Religion(Maxi)
Andersson , Pernilla-Cradlehouse
Sampler-Neue Helden 3
NG 3-As nasty as we wanna be
Vai , Steve-Alive in An Ultra World
Sampler-No.1 Dance Hits
Haunted , The-One Kill Wonder (Special Edition)
Sharp Practise-Radiocity
Sampler-Maxi Zouk
Sampler-Festival Tropical
Sampler-Caribbean beat
Sampler-Italo Pop 2
Seka , Monique-Adeba
Sampler-Caribbean Beat 2
Sampler-Double d'or Antilles (UK-Import)
Sampler-The Bay After
Stars-In Our Bedroom, After The War (Limited DigiPak)
Raized-May Contain Traces of Nuts (Ep)
Vader-Reborn in Chaos (UK-Import)
Rodriguez , Mala-Malamarismo
Brahms , Johannes-Sinfonie 2 u.a. (Budapest Symphonie Orchestra)
Sampler-Ein Sommernachtstraum
Lmno-Econemic Food Chain Music
Quartetto Pazzo-First Album
Sampler-Chillosophy 2
Warrior, Jade-o. Titel (UK-Import)
Jeans Team-Oh Bauer (Maxi)
Nar Malik-47 Stehplätze
Polster , Toni-Die Dritte
Sampler-Sentimental Journey 2 - the 40's
Sampler-Popfile 25
Sampler-Popfile 8
Sampler-Popfile 10
Sampler-Popfile 11
Sampler-Popfile 12
Sampler-Popfile 22
Sampler-Popfile 23
Sampler-Popfile Vol.24
Sampler-Sentimental Journey 3 -t he 40's
Mouse on Mars-Autoditacker
Letzte Instanz-Ins Licht
Nevio-Firenze / Giulia (Maxi)
Callas , Maria-Live In Concert (italienisch )
Dorval , Jean Marie-The waltz
Sampler-Magie de la Trompette
Juice , Mystry-Open My Mouth & Do Nothing
Underground Nation of Rotterdam-Bitch (Maxi)
Cracked-Totally Recracked (Maxi)
Branca , Glenn-Symphony No. 1 Tonal Plexus
Sampler-Tesori d Oriente
Aoda , Miriam-My Kind of World
Kiesewetter , Caroline-Ich Packe Meinen Koffer
Alpentrio Tirol-Rot Sind die Rosen (Maxi)
Advanced Chemistry-Dir fehlt der Funk (Maxi)
O.J. , Nicky-Take life easy
Third World-Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Maxi)
Sampler-Primavera Sound
Crawford , Billy-When You Think About (Maxi)
Klee-Für alle die (Maxi)
Sexsmith , Ron-From Now (maxi)
Swan Lee-I don't mind (Maxi)
Fontaine , Jeff-Jah Bless
Sampler-Rhythm is gonna get you
Sampler-Best of Rock & Roll
Sampler-16 Golden Lovesongs
Sampler-The Ultimate Party Mix
Pele-Don't worship me (Maxi)
Evans , Dave-Sinner
Ray J-One Wish (Maxi)
Neon Blonde-Headlines
Babayof , Noa-From A Window To A Wall
Laswell , Bill-Hear No Evil (UK-Import)
Stewart , Bob-First Line (US-Import)
Meola , Al Di-Tirami Su (US-Import)
38 Special-Resolution (US-Import)
Gurtu , Trilok-Broken Rhythms
Beethoven , Ludwig van-Fidelio Symhonie Nr. 3
Midnight Oil-Head Injuries (US-Import)
Manger , Jürgen von-Tegtmeiers Geschichten
Sampler-Grover 50
Delagrange , Christian-Rosetta
Sampler-The Rock
Sampler-Grosse Komponisten
Sampler-Hightech Trompete - Die digitale dimension
Sampler-Auf den Bergen da scheint noch die Sonne
Cougar , John-The Kid Inside (UK-Import)
Sampler-Argentina-Greatest Songs Ever

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