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Gaslight Anthem , The-American Slang
Budapester Klezmer Band-Folklore Yiddish D'Europe Centrale
Svarte Greiner-Penpals Forever (and Ever)
Koletzki , Oliver & Fran-Lovestoned
Bonobo-Black Sands
Unheilig-Grosse Freiheit Live (Special Edition)
Delta Spirit-History from Below
Christoph Busse Trio-Awakening
Sounds , The-Crossing the Rubicon (inkl Bonus Tracks)
Väth , Sven-The Sound of the Tenth Season
Haddaway-You Gave Me Love (Maxi)
Soundtrack-Vincent will Meer
Cherona-Ching Chang Chong (Premium Edition) (Maxi)
Basstard-Zwiespalt Grau (Re-Release)
Sampler-Feel The Streets - The Real Masters Of Hip Hop
Sampler-Schlager Swings
Ship of Ara-o. Titel
Sampler-Salesud 2
Sayer , Leo-The Show must go on - 21 Greatest Hits
Drums , The-o. Titel
La Phaze-Fin de Cycle
Bonaparte-My Horse Likes You
Kiss-Psycho Circus (Maxi)
Sampler-Freestyle Hits
Sampler-Goa Trance 17
Cellophane Suckers-Too Much Temptation
Kings Of Leon-Notion (Maxi)
Koreck , Claudia-Barfuass Um die Welt (Limited Edition)
Sampler-Trance Megamix - The Rebirth 2
We Are Scientists-Barbara
Soundtrack-McLeods Töchter 2
Sampler-The Finest Jazz
Smashing Pumpkins , The-Zeitgeist
Hellsingland Underground-Madness & Grace
Sampler-Ska Attack 1
Bela B-Tag für Sieger (Maxi)
Kaizers Orchestra-Live At Vega Copenhagen
Faith , Paloma-New York (Maxi)
Verdi , Giuseppe-Don Carlo - GA (Stiedry)
Psychotic Waltz-Into the Everflow
Aguilera , Christina-Back To Basics (Deluxe Edition)
Antwort , Die-Ich Habe Mich Rasiert (Maxi)
Kaiser , Roland-Sexy
Sampler-Resident E - Episode 2 (Compiled By Marc Acardipane)
Looptroop-Modern day city symphony
Blackmail-Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?
Hancock , Butch-Own & Own
Pink Floyd-Obscured by clouds
Sampler-Lords of Mystery - The Dark Chapter
Sampler-Lords of Mystery - Secret Love & Sacrifice
Dropkick Murphys-The Warrior's Code (Limited Edition)
Boysetsfire-After The Eulogy
Thibaudet , Jean-Yves-The Magic of Satie
Sampler-Kuschelrock 20
ZZ Top-Eliminator
Blindside Blues Band-o.Titel
Whitest Boy Alive , The-Dreams
Sampler-Planet Goa 2
Black Eyed Peas , The-I Gotta Feeling (Maxi)
D'india , Sigismondo-Libro Primo De Madrigall, 1606 (La Venexiana)
Rossi , Luigi-Oratorios (Les Arts Florissants, Christie)
Sampler-Venetian Vespers - Monteverdi, Rigatti, Grandi, Cavalli (Gabrieli Consort & Players, McCreesh)
Händel , Georg Friedrich-Italienische Solokantaten (Kowalski)
Can-Soon Over Babaluma (Remastered)
Gombert , Nicolas-Music From The Court Of Charles V - Motets, CHansons, Mass For 6 Voices, Regina Coeli, Magnificat Secundi Toni (Huelgas Ensemble, Van Nevel)
Perry , Katy-California Girls (Maxi)
Victoria , Tomas Luis De-Cantica Beatae Virginis (Savall, Hesperion XX)
Wagner , Richard-Lohengrin (Bayreuther Festspiele) (Frey / Studer / Schnaut / Wlaschiha / Schenk / Schulte / Schneider)
Sido-MTV Unplugged Live aus'm MV
Savall , Jordi & Hesperion XX-El Cancionero De Palacio
Azema , Anne-Le Jeu D' Amour
Jackson , Michal-Off the wall (Special Edition)
Mendelssohn , Felix-The Part Songs for Male Voices (Die Singphoniker)
Monteverdi , Claudio-Pianto della Madonna - Motetti a voce sola (Kiehr, Aymes)
Clutch-Pure Rock Fury
Clutch-Strange Cousins from the West
Bach , Johann Sebastian-Magnificat BWV 243 (Herreweghe)
Caresana , Cristofaro-Per La Nascita Del Verbo (Florio)
Love History-Desire
In the Woods-Omnio
Mcintosh , Stephanie-Tightrope (Deluxe Edition)
Verdi , Giuseppe-Le Trouvere (Il Trovatore) (GA) - The First Recording 1912 (Ruhlmann, Fontaine, Morlet, Note, Lapeyrette)
Morris , Sarah Jane-Heaven
808 State-90 (UK-Import)
Rammstein-Liebe ist für alle da (erste Auflage)
Sosa , Mercedes-Cantora (Limited Edition)
Fantastischen Vier , Die-Für Dich Immer Noch Fanta Sie (Premium Album im Ecolbook)
Heaven Shall Burn-Deaf to Our Prayers (UK-Import) (Limited Edition)
Sampler-Klavier-Musik zum Atemholen
Eminem-The Slim Shady LP (Limited Edtion Double CD)
Sampler-Touch My Soul 4 - The Finest Of Black Music
Donots-The Long Way Home (Limited Edition)
Haydn , Joseph-The Symphonies 4 - Nos. 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31 & 34 (Hogwood)
Van der Graaf Generator-Vital
Joplin , Janis-Greatest Hits
Bones , The-Bigger Than Jesus
Bellini , Vincenzo-Norma (Callas, Serafin)(US-Import)
DuMonde-See the light (Maxi)
Northern Lite-Reach The Sun
Spitfire-Thrills and kills
Sampler-Link 80 - Punker Than Your Mother (US Import)
Siouxsie & The Banshees-The Scream
Liberator-This is...
Datarock-I used to Dance with my Daddy (Maxi)
Daniel , Rachel-Let it be mine (Maxi)
Nimoy , Leonard & Shatner , William-Spaced Out - The Very Best Of...
Monae , Janelle-Archandroid
Small Faces-Greatest Hits
Mey , Reinhard-Alleingang
K.I.Z.-Sexismus gegen Rechts (Limited Comic Edition)
Samler-Summer of Love - Best of (40th Anniversary)
Phenomena-1985-1996 Project X
Björk-Hidden Place (Maxi)
Montrose , Ronnie-The Speed Of Sound
Coheed and Cambria-Year of the Black Rainbow
Splitside-Our Days Are Numbered
Primitive Graven Image-Celebrating Impending Chaos
Doors , The-Live at the Matrix 1967
Binataler Soatnmusi-Amoi staad, amoi lusti (Echte Volksmusik)
Kennedy , Nigel-Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto / Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 1 / Schubert: Rondo (Tate, ECO)
Moser , Hans-Unvergesslich
Bellini , Vincenzo-Norma (GA) (Callas, Del Monaco, Stignani, Modesti, Serafin) (Remastered)
Puccini , Giacomo-Turandot (GA) (Erede)
Puccini , Giacomo-La Bohème - GA (Schippers)
Giordano , Umberto / Zandonai , Riccardo-Fedora - GA (Gardelli) / Francesca Da Rimini - Highlights (Rescicno)
Ghost Machinery-Haunting Remains
Karp , Michael-Eine Neue Dimension (Maxi)
Schneider , Helge-Höspiele 2 - 1985 - 1987
Zuckowski , Rolf-Der kleine Tag
Duke , George-Face The Music
Campbell , David-Taking The Wheel
Sampler-World Tour - Balkan Basics (KulturSpiegel)
Cemetery of Scream-Prelude to a Sentimental
Sampler-The World Of Reggae
Bowie , David-Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (Remastered)
Fantastischen Vier , Die-Für Dich Immer Noch Fanta Sie
Bechi , Gino-Arien (Il Mito Dell'Opera)
Van Dam , Michel-Sie ist doch dein Kind (Maxi)
Severine-Mit jeder Stunde (Maxi)
DJ Crack-Wonderland (Maxi)
Pro Secco-Ich weiß (Maxi)

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