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Sampler-Best of Dance 2008
No Ordinary Love-o. Titel (Maxi)
Amber-This is your night (Maxi)
Catchy Tune-Generation of Love (Maxi)
883-Remix 94
Sampler-Baby Baby
DJ Company-Rhythm of love (Maxi)
Face II Face-You're Living in My Heart (Maxi)
Lollies , Die-Die Höllenparty
Eric B. & Rakim-Paid In Full (Vinyl)
Rolling Stones , The-Dirty Work (Vinyl)
Police , The-Zenyatta Mondatta (Vinyl)
LL Cool J-Bigger And Deffer (Vinyl)
Gaye , Marvin-Motown Legends (Vinyl)
Sampler-A Tribute To Judas Priest - Legends Of Metal 1
Streisand , Barbra-One Voice (Viny)
CvA Concert Big Band-Beyond the Sum of All Parts
Second Wind Quintet-o. Titel
Privat , Gregory-Soley
playground4-Hit the Ground Running
Composers' Orchestra Berlin , The-Vanishing Points
Diggle , Steve-Some Reality
Sleazies , The-Trite Ditties And Meaningless Crab
Hanover Saints-Truth Rings Out
Ricochets-Slo-Mo Suicide
Nerve Agents , The-The Butterfly Collection
Def Con Dos-Alzheimer
Rumblers , The-Hold On Tight
Bargain Music-The Magic Is Over
Untamed , The-Strange Unknown
Idle Class-The Drama's Done
Red Soul Community-Pump Reggae
Pleasure Fuckers , The-For Your Pleasure
Rubber City Rebels-Pierce My Brain
Ripcordz-It's Never Too Late To Annoy Your Parents
Open Season-Each Day
Marcus Hook Roll Band-Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy
Sampler-Vans Warped Tour (Australian Tour CD)
Electric Frankenstein-Action High
Moving Sounds , The-Ground Shaker
Sampler-Greetings From Eindhoven Rockcity
AC DC-For Those About To Rock We Salute You (Vinyl)
Joykiller-Ready Sexed Go! - Anthology
Adicts , The-Twenty-Seven
Exploders , The-New Variations
Jaya The Cat-First Beer Of A New Day
U.K.W.-Electric Love (Maxi)
Pop in Wonderland-Beautiful People (Maxi)
Other Two , The-Tasty Fish (Maxi)
Punishable Act-Rhythm of Destruction
Nein Nein Nein-Endstation Bullshit EP
Guerilla-Virus Macht
Sampler-Are you ready for this! Ten Classic Dance Tracks
Love Religion-Don't Cry My Love (Maxi)
DJ Gay-Boy-Danceinstructor (Maxi)
DJ Ed Solo-Celebrate now (Desire) (Maxi)
Bach , Johann Sebastian-Triple Concerto, BWV 1044 / Harpsichord Concerto, BWV 1052 (Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin)
Böhm , Rainer & Ensemble Alta Musica-Oswald von Wolkenstein
Talk Talk-The Essential
Treatment , The-This Might Hurt
Don Quijote-We Are Winners (Maxi)
Other Lives-For their love (Limited Edition) (Cristal Clear) (Vinyl)
Sampler-Weihnacht in den Bergen
Hill , Sion-Elephant
Mills , Jeff-Choice - A Collection of Classics
McCrae , George-Rock Your Baby (Vinyl)
Turner , Ike & Tina-River Deep, Mountain High (Vinyl)
Rachmaninov , Sergei-Sinfonie Nr. 3 (Dortmunder Philharmoniker, Feltz) (SACD)
Fray , David-Bach: Concertos For 2, 3 & 4 Pianos (Christien, Vigoureux, Rouvier, String Ensemble Of The Orchestre National Du Capitole De Toulouse)
Capucon , Renaud & Fray , David-Bach: Sonatas BWV 1016-1019
O Headhra , Brian & Mackenzie , Fiona-Tuath: Songs Of The Northlands
Rasmussen , Karl Aage-The Four Seasons (After Vivaldi) (Concerto Copenhagen, Fryklund, Mortensen)
Bach , Johann Sebastian-Sonatas For Viola Da Gamba And Harpsichord (Tamestit, Suzuki)
Rousset , Christophe-Frescobaldi: Toccate E Partite D'Intavolatura Di Cimbalo, Libro Primo
Sanderling , Michael & Dresdner Philharmonie-Beethoven & Shostakovich Symphonies No. 1
Wijers , Hans & Wunderkammer-Glauben, Lieben, Hoffen - Castello, Schütz, Bach, Geist
Bach , Johann Sebastian-Christmas Oratorio (Poplutz, Kleiter, Magiera, Bauer, Otto, Bachchor Mainz, Bachorchester Mainz)
Gritskova , Margarita-Russian Songs (With Maria Prinz)
Bostridge , Ian & Seatlle Symphony & Morlot , Ludovic-Berlioz: Les Nuits D'Ete / Ravel: Sheherazade / Debussy: Le Livre De Baudelaire
Bach Kuhnau Schelle-Magnificat: Christmas In Leipzig (Solomon's Knot)
Purcell , Henry-Sweeter Than Roses - Songs By Henry Purcell (Sung By Anna Dennis & Sounds Baroque With Julian Perkins)
Beethoven , Ludwig van-String Quartets (Philharmonia Quartett Berlin)
Bachmann , Jasmin & Villa Berg Quartett-Rumpelstilzchen
Passamezzo-Music For The Mayflower: They That In Ships Unto The Sea Down Go
Minasi , Riccardo & Orchestra La Scintilla-Vivaldi & Verdi: The Four Seasons
Beethoven , Ludwig van-Piano Sonatas No. 23, No. 30 & No. 32 (Oh-Havenith)
Danielpour , Richard-The Passion Of Yeshua (Falletta, Plitmann, Worth, Overton, Bridges, Fallon, Bass)
Beethoven , Ludwig van-Piano & Winds (Markus Becker & Ma'alot Quintett)
Höh , Volker-Beethoven On Guitar (With Ablogin, Schoneweg, Schoneweg)
Bruch , Max-Double Concerto For 2 Pianos / Double Concerto For Clarinet And Viola / Adagio Appassionato / Loreley Overture (Griffiths, Schnyder, Kociuban, a.o.)
Couperin , Francois-Quatrieme Livre De Pieces De Clavecin (Brachetta)
Beethoven , Ludwig van-String Quartets, Opp. 132 & 130/133 (Tetzlaff Quartett)
Beethoven , Ludwig van-An die unsterbliche Geliebte: Andante, WoO 57 / 6 Bagatellen, Op. 126 / Sonate Nr. 29 B-Dur, Op. 106 'Hammerklaviersonate' (Heinisch)
Radin , Joshua-Simple Times
Fatoni-Solange früher alles besser war
Moor , Emanuel-Concerto For Two Cellos / Suite For Four Cellos / Cello Sonata (Hess, Stromberg, Nürnberger Symphoniker, Piehlmayer)
Herold / Staemmler / Staemmler-Composing Beethoven: Clarinet Trios
Trio Gaspard (Kadesha, Hunter, Rimmer)-Live In Berlin - Haydn / Zimmermann / Schubert
Espinoza , Dimitri Grechi-The Spiritual Way
Chopin , Frederic-Etudes (Bach)
Beethoven , Ludwig van-Ghost Trio / Triple Concerto (Beethoven Trio Bonn)
Enders , Isang-Vox Humana: Marias, Debussy, Messiaen, Boulanger, Stravinsky)
Mascagni , Pietro-Cavalleria Rusticana (Janowski, Moore, Jagde, Lynch) (SACD)
Bromboszcz , Stanislaw-Chamber Music - Transformations, Recitativo, Corale E Arioso, Semi-Sonore, Mirror Music, Images)
Dreyschock , Alexander-Romantische Klaviermusik (Krücker)
Blanc , Adolphe-String Quintets No. 3, 4 & 7 (Faberge-Quintett)
Schlüren , Christoph & Declamatory Counterpoint & Hartmann , Rebekka-Symphonia Momentum - Mozart, Hamel, Eliasson, Pärt, Beethoven
Morgenstern , Lisa-Amphibian (Limited Edition)
Behemoth-I Loved You at Your Darkest
Selig-Wir werden uns Wiedersehen - 2009 - 2013
Porta Nigra-Fin de Siecle
Megalith-Spirit Soldiers / Soldaten des Geistes
Bode Preto-Inverted Blood
Mandrake-Innocence weakness
Way to End-Desecrated Internal Journey
Ancient Dome-Human Key
Virgin Snatch-Act of Grace
Salvacion-Way More Unstoppable
Megalith-Gipfelstürmer / Storming the Summit
Notre Dame-Demi Monde Bizarros
Benighted in Sodom-Plateau - The Harrowing
Rude Awakening-Scaring the Paper People
H.O.S.-The Beginning
Lehavoth-Hatred Shaped Man
Besatt-Unholy Trinity II - Unspirit
Blessmon-Under the Storm of Hate
Art of Nox-Apathy
Deny The Urge-Subsequent Confrontation
Uppercut-Reanimation Of Hate
Inferia-Fucking is a great way to get to know new people
Rude Awakening-Headbutter
Lost World Order-This Apparatus Must Be Earthed
Tidfall-Circular Supremacy
Yello Jack-Thorns of Anger
1349-The Infernal Pathway (Limited Digibox)
Firewind-o. Titel
Paradise Lost-Obsidian (Limited DigiPak)
Zucker , Ben-Wer sagt das ?! Zugabe!
Al-Deen , Laith-Kein Tag umsonst (Limited DigiPak)
Sampler-Megajeck 11
Farlowe , Chris-Out of Time
Chapman , Roger-Rollin' & Tumblin'
Wenzel , Hans-Eckardt-Reisebilder
Belafonte , Harry-The Best of
Kelly , Luke-The Collection - 36 Great Songs

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