Sampler - Link 80 - Punker Than Your Mother (US Import)

Sampler - Link 80 - Punker Than Your Mother (US Import)
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  • EAN: 0642671000622
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 14.09.1999
  • Label: Soda Jerk
  • Format: Audio CD

CD-Titel Sampler - Link 80 - Punker Than Your Mother (US Import)

  • Pisstake (performed by Billyclub)
  • Dimestore Hoods (performed by Link 80)
  • Fuck Your Bullfighting (performed by P.U.S.)
  • Myapathy (performed by Last Call)
  • In Any Case (performed by Peacocks)
  • What? (performed by Big D and the Kids Table)
  • Got Nothing (performed by 78 RPMs)
  • Age of Violence (performed by Fraction Zero)
  • The Kids Will Have to Pay (performed by Voodoo Glow Skulls)
  • That's O.K. (performed by Mail Order Children)
  • Back Off (performed by Reckless)
  • Hard On (performed by Go Go Rays)
  • Note for a Jerk (performed by Stinkaholic)
  • Why the Fuck Am I Blind (performed by Go For Broke)
  • Don't Bore Us (performed by Ferd Mert)
  • Oi Oi F.Y.M. (performed by Jackoffs)
  • Pilot Fish (performed by Thumbs)
  • Gerry Is Strong (performed by Bruce Lee Band)
  • That Stupid Ford (performed by Antix)
  • Saturday (performed by Dr. Manette)
  • I'm Not a Whore (performed by Thorazine)
  • Amnesta (performed by Cards In Spokes)
  • Angel Fuck (performed by Wicked)
  • Shit On Your Flag (performed by ABC Order)
  • Jock Itch (performed by Ginders)
  • Day to Day (performed by Throw Downs)
  • Chasers (performed by Five By Nine)
  • We Are the Martians (performed by Martians)
  • The Scoop (performed by Ovalteens)
  • Turn Me On (performed by Bleed)
  • Jane Airhead (performed by Egghead)
  • Retarded Song (performed by Carter Peace Mission)
  • No Time At All (performed by Pinhead Circus)
  • When I See You (performed by Dr. Bob's Nightmare)
  • La Sorciere En Arriere (performed by Les Congelateurs)
  • Nailbomb (performed by Voorhees)
  • Call In (performed by Operation Cliff Clavin)

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