Sampler - Funeral Songs Dead Man Blues

Sampler - Funeral Songs Dead Man Blues
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  • EAN: 4011222226174
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 14.03.2005
  • Label: Membran International Gmbh (SPV)
  • Format: Doppel-CD Audio CD

CD-Titel Sampler - Funeral Songs Dead Man Blues

  • When the saints go marching in
  • Just a closer walk with thee
  • Sing on
  • Feelin' the spirit
  • Low down blues
  • Oh, didn't he ramble?
  • The lonesome road
  • West lawn dirge
  • St. James infirmary
  • Precious Lord, take my hand
  • Dead man blues
  • Closer walk
  • Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
  • Going to shout all over God's heaven
  • Sweet lovin' man
  • Gloryland
  • Blues for Jimmie
  • Lawd, you made the night too long
  • Bourbon street parade
  • Bye and bye
  • Poor old Joe

  • New Orleans function
  • I thought I heard Buddy Bolden say
  • You tell me your dream
  • Elder eatmore's sermon on generosity
  • Do you call dat religion?
  • Jonah and the wale
  • Old time religion
  • Go down, Moses
  • Lord, Lord, you've been too good to me
  • Basin street blues
  • Ol' man Moses
  • Lord deliver Daniel
  • Heaven, heaven
  • It's me, o Lord
  • Perdido street blues
  • Canal street blues
  • We shall walk through the streets of the city
  • Cain and Abel
  • When it's sleepy time down south
  • South
  • Joseph 'n his brudders
  • As long as you live, you'll be dead if you die
  • Where the blues were born in New Orleans

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