Laurie & Kronos Quartet Anderson - Landfall [Vinyl LP]

Laurie & Kronos Quartet Anderson - Landfall [Vinyl LP]
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  • EAN: 0075597933901
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 16.02.2018
  • Label: Nonesuch (Warner)
  • Format: Vinyl

CD-Titel Laurie & Kronos Quartet Anderson - Landfall [Vinyl LP]

  • CNN predicts a monster storm
  • Wind whistles through the dark city
  • The water rises
  • Our street is a black river
  • Galaxies
  • Darkness falls
  • Dreams
  • Dreams translated
  • The dark side
  • Built you a mountain
  • The electricity goes out and we move to a hotel
  • We learn to speak yet another lanuage
  • Dawn of the world
  • The wind lifted the boats and left them on the highway
  • It twisted the street signs
  • Then it receded
  • The nineteen stars of heaven

  • Nothing left but their names
  • All the extinct animals
  • Galaxies II
  • Never what you think it will be
  • Thunder continues in the aftermaths
  • We blame each other for losing the way
  • Another long evening
  • Riding bicycles through the muddy streets
  • Helicopters hang over downtown
  • We head out
  • Everything is floating
  • Gongs and bells sing
  • Old motors and helicopters

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